Cheap Bromo Midnight Tour Packages and Complete Facilities

Bromo Midnight Tour Packages – Looking for Bromo tour packages with complete facilities and low prices on the pocket?. AwanTour is the right solution for your vacation to Bromo, with a wide selection of complete professional bromo tour packages with super complete facilities and most importantly experience in the field of tourism for Bromo, Malang, Batu and surrounding tours.

Why should you choose a vacation to Bromo?. Mount Bromo , East Java is one of the Malang tourist destinations which is a pity to miss for the best nature tourism enthusiasts in Indonesia, especially if you have chosen Malang for your next vacation destination, a vacation in the city of Malang will be felt less if it hasn’t been to Bromo. Because Bromo itself has a variety of unique spots and very beautiful scenery to decorate social media accounts such as the beauty of Sunrise which can be seen from the top of the hill climb.

The experience when going to Bromo is also no less exciting, namely to the summit of Mount Bromo  by using a horse and jeep so that the thick aura of adventure will be felt, down the beautiful desert with rounded hills that will be very dear if passed. What are you trying less on Mount Bromo? all you can get and feel at Bromo Midnight Travel Packages when traveling to Bromo with AwanTour .

Bromo Tour Packages from AwanTour are very complete, you can get all information about Bromo tour packages from Bromo Midnight tour packages, Bromo tour itinerary, Bromo entrance ticket prices, transportation and rental price of jeeps used when visiting Bromo, and also complete facilities from AwanTour will make your Bromo tour more secure and secure while on vacation to Bromo.

Bromo Midnight Tour Package is very suitable for you with a short vacation time, because the Bromo Midnight tour package does not need a long time, with a short time of just one day can already enjoy all the beauty of tourist attractions around Mount Bromo starting from Sunrise , Bromo Crater, Padang Savana (Bukit Teletubbies), and Whispering Sand which are included in the Bromo tour package.

Destination Bromo Midnight Travel Package

  • Hike Peak (Hill of Love)
  • Rise Peak
  • Bromo Crater
  • Whispering Sand
  • Bukit Teletubies / Padang Savana

Travel (Itinerary) Bromo Midnight Travel Package

Schedule travel packages bromo midnight this is a standard tour schedule that the system is flexible and non-binding, and can be custom again as needed. Please consult your tour with our CS, FREE!

  • 00 – 00.00: Pick at the place. (Hotel or Public Place area Malang).
  • – 03.00: Travel to the meet point
  • 00 – 04.00: Trip to Penanjakan Hill (Bukit Cinta & Bukit Kingkong * Optional).
  • 00 – 06.00: Mount Penanjakan Mount Bromo (Enjoying the Beautiful Sunrise).
  • 00 – 08.00: Padang Savana (Bukit Teletubbies) and Whispering Sand.
  • 00 – 10:00: Bromo Crater and Luhur Poten Temple.
  • 10:00 – 11:00: Back to Transit Point.
  • 00 – 14.00: Travel back to Malang Kota / Batu / Surabaya Kota (Drop to Destination Address).
  • Finish.

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